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Welcome to A-to-Z Publishing, creators of The Lucky Cake, The Lucky Egg,
Baboula Baby,
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LuckyCake_cvr_72dpiThe Lucky Cake by Anna Prokos
Billy’s favorite holiday has finally arrived, and he can’t wait to eat Yiayia’s special New Year’s Vasilopita so he can win the lucky coin inside. But as Billy learns the story behind this beloved tradition, he realizes how lucky he already is. The Lucky Cake is an award-winning book that reminds children that every child is a lucky one.


LuckyEgg-cvr1The Lucky Egg by Anna Prokos
Billy’s home is bustling with excitement as his family gets ready for Easter.  Baba prepares the souvla, Yiayia bakes tsourekia, the boys get their lambades, and Mama dyes the coveted red eggs.  As Billy challenges his family to crack red eggs with him, he learns the true story behind this beloved Greek Orthodox tradition. This book is an engaging and memorable way for families to learn about and preserve Greek Easter traditions.


Baboula Baby by Maria Rousakis and Anna Prokos
Have you ever felt it staring with its beady eyes?
Have you ever heard the panic in its loud, shrill cries?
Do you know what it is? Do you have one too?
See what a Baboula Baby does to you!
Written in joyful rhyme, this book gives children a humorous look at sibling rivalry and is the perfect gift for older siblings or families who are expecting a new addition. As readers enjoy the touching story and colorful illustrations, they will also learn simple Greek words.


All books ordered through this website are signed by Anna Prokos and personalized with a short note. Books ordered through Amazon, Barnes and Noble or another site cannot be signed.

Meet Billy, the main character of The Lucky Cake and The Lucky Egg.  Billy and the ”Lucky Books” make a unique and personalized gift for children. A pocket on his back is specially-made to fit a special lucky coin from Greece (included with doll!).

Billy comes alive with this 6-inch plush doll!

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